wheat-free natural dog biscuits, low fat dog treats

Inspired by Latka's fondness for my wholesome, home baked dog treats,
I put my love for dogs (and baking) to work by making delicious natural
treats to sell.  With Latka's expert tasting assistance, we developed treats that are sure to please the most particular canine palates.  Today,
LATKA'S TREATS are available in wheat-free medium-sized bone shaped biscuits in three flavors featuring peanut butter, veggie delight and bacon cheddar.  And we also offer Latka's wheat-free mini bone shaped LAP DOG BISCUITS in peanut butter, chicken liver and parmesan cheese.  Click here to check out the wholesome natural ingredients.  They are Latka's favorites and we hope your dog likes them too! 

If you have any questions, please email us at
hq@delicioustreats.com.  You can also reach us via snail mail at P.O. Box 231383, Ansonia Station, New York, NY  10023.  We're reachable by phone at 917-570-4796.

Latka is a 39 pound lap dog (and a delightfully shaggy Polish Lowland Sheepdog). Born in bucolic Manitowoc, Wisconsin on November 21, 2001, he moved to New York City in February of 2002 and lives on Manhattan's wonderful upper west side.

When he's not busy testing new treats, Latka can be found playing at local parks, visiting neighborhood shops and cafes, or taking naps at home on his cozy window seat.
Bone appetit!

and Latka
photo credit: Teresa Lee
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Latka's breed --
Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
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