wholesale information
Latka's Treats LLC, PO Box 231384, Ansonia Station, New York, NY  10023, 917-570-4796

Our treats contain no wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt, coloring,
preservatives or additives, by-products or fillers.

They are Latka's favorites, and we hope your dog loves them too!

Beth & Latka
featuring WHEAT-FREE LOW CALORIE mini bones in 5 oz. bags
peanut butter, low fat chicken liver and low fat parmesan cheese
ideal for small dogs and training treats
featuring WHEAT-FREE LOW CALORIE medium-sized bones in 10 oz. bags
peanut butter, bacon cheddar and low fat veggie delight
perfect for daily doggie snacks

Welcome and Bone Appetit!

Since we first began baking biscuits back in 2002, thousands
of pleased pooches have enjoyed our products.

Today, our natural wheat-free dog treats are still hand baked
with care from wholesome human grade

People tell us they love how the biscuits smell!
Dogs show us they love how they taste!

Our products are available in two popular sizes and a variety
of delicious flavors (many of which are LOW fat):